Who we are

OM meaning
“Aum or Om is one of the most powerful mantras of all time. Originally from Hindu and Buddhist teachings, mantra refers to a word, sound, or phrase that is repeated and used to support a meditation practice. Can represent several meanings, many of which are based in symbolic pairs or triads: speech, mind, and breath; the absence of desire, fear, and anger. Another Om meaning interpretation is “everything and everyone”.

OM is also an acronym for my first registered company in the UK- Oriental Medicine House.

OM in Danish means ‘About’ which we loved as a direct translation About House, as it is all about our beautiful house.


Meet the team Konrad and Kornelia (father & daughter)


I am the housekeeper, a mother, business owner and passionate alternative health professional. After many exciting years spent all over the world, I moved to Denmark from London to be closer to my family, find the perfect space to run my projects and to enjoy life. This year I took on Bellinge Farm / OM House, which is currently my home and workspace.
I have backgrounds in hospitality and event planning as well as alternative health and a science degree in Chinese Medicine. I have my practice at the house &  in Copenhagen where I practice couple of days a week. I am lucky to enjoy the beautiful city and my country living, perfect balance!


Plays many roles. He is father, grandfather, gardener by trade, maintenance and handyman,
gentleman, and an excellent host – always happy to help and infamous for his outstanding sense of humor. Without him and his great ideas, OM House would not exist in its current shape and form.