Who we are

OM meaning
“Aum or Om is one of the most powerful mantras of all time. Originally from Hindu and Buddhist teachings, mantra refers to a word, sound, or phrase that is repeated and used to support a meditation practice. Can represent several meanings, many of which are based in symbolic pairs or triads: speech, mind, and breath; the absence of desire, fear, and anger. Another Om meaning interpretation is “everything and everyone”.


OM in Danish means ‘About’ which we loved as a direct translation About House, as it is all about our beautiful house, our surroundings and our guests.


Meet the team …

The team comprises Kornelia (McS Chinese Medicine among many others), Konrad (fabulous father, daughter duo) and Daniela ‘Dani’ (B.A. Leisure Management) has recently joined the team, each bringing their passions, many talents and expertise to expand and perfect OM House and its many offerings.


I am a housekeeper, mother, business owner and a passionate alternative health professional. After many exciting years spent all over the world, I moved to Denmark from London to be closer to my family and to find the perfect space to run my projects and to enjoy life. This year I took on Bellinge Farm now OM House, which is currently my home and workspace.

I have a background in hospitality and event planning as well as alternative health and a science degree in Chinese Medicine. I have my practice at the house & in Copenhagen where I practice a couple of days a week. I am lucky to enjoy the beautiful city and my country living, perfect balance!


Plays many roles. He is a father, grandfather, gardener by trade, maintenance and handyman extraordinaire. Most of all he is a gentleman, and an excellent host – always happy to help and infamous for his outstanding  sense of humor. Without him and his great ideas, OM House would not exist in its current shape and form.


Is a fellow mom and expat. After living in five different countries she has settled down in the tranquil Danish countryside along with her husband, kids and two cats. Being passionate about traveling, people and different cultures she has chosen a career in tourism and hospitality where she can use her unique experiences as an expat to enrich our guest experiences as well as helping OM House expand.